The Book of Esports by William Collis

Join gaming luminary William Collis as he charts the rise of this exciting new industry, for the first time ever crafting a comprehensive overview of esports and its implications for human competition—and even the future of humanity itself. 

Almost overnight, esports—or competitive video games—have exploded into the largest entertainment and sporting phenomenon in human history. But what exactly are esports? How did they become so popular so quickly? And where exactly is all this video gaming headed?

Whether you are a lifelong gamer, a curious Fortnite parent, or a businessperson seeking to understand the marketing opportunities of this multibillion-dollar phenomenon, The Book of Esports is the definitive guide to understanding all that the modern world of competitive gaming has to offer, and The Official History of Esports™ itself.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro gamer? How to create a billion-dollar esports business? Or just curious if video games can really get your kid into college? (All expenses paid, of course.) This book answers all these questions and more! Featuring select interviews from the biggest names in the industry, The Book of Esports weaves tales of trust, betrayal, and superhuman reflexes into predictive frameworks, explaining exactly why our industry looks the way it does, and how all this growth—and more—is inevitable as the divide between man and machine blurs into oblivion.

Detailed and accessible, and written by a lifelong gamer and Harvard MBA who has painstakingly translated esports’ mysteries into a testament for today, everyone can enjoy The Book of Esports because everyone should enjoy esports. So what are you waiting for? Take the wildest ride into worlds unreal, and discover that true human competition is always just a click away.

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About the Author

William Collis

William “The Professor” Collis graduated from Amherst College cum laude and Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar. After working for BCG and Hasbro, William co-founded and sold the esports coaching platform Gamer Sensei, raising over six million dollars in venture capital. William is currently co-owner and co-founder of the pro esports organization Team Genji, ranked as the #1 Hearthstone team in the world.

William is the subject of the Harvard Business School case Choosing the Right Esports Business Model, and co-author of the award-winning Harvard Business School case One Game to Rule Them All. He is also a frequent esports contributor to numerous publications, including the Japan Times, with his most popular article “Super Mario Syndrome” receiving wide reprints in Asia.

William earned his nickname “The Professor” as co-founder and co-host of the popular Business of Esports podcast, where you can listen to his views on the gaming industry, its growth and its future every week.