The Living and the Undead, Episode 1 By Rob Stennett


All Eli Troyer has ever wanted is to leave home—to escape the tedium and boredom of life among his Amish family and friends. He doesn't want religion. Doesn't want tradition. Eli wants adventure and fun. When his twin brother, Jacob, discovers Eli's secret stash of getaway cash, Eli knows he cant wait any longer. What he doesn't know, what he could not have imagined in a lifetime of dreaming about life outside the plains, is what the city holds for newcomers. Can you reinvent yourself? Sure. But you can also be reinvented by someone else—or something else. The Living and the Undead is a paranormal thriller unlike anything you've ever read. And this first episode is just the beginning.

Rob Stennett

Rob Stennett is an award-winning screenwriter, produced playwright, and film and theater director. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Julianna.

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