Sunshine Falls By Kyle David Torke


Sunshine Falls is Kyle Torke's beautiful, elegiac account of living in a world rich with mystery and impermanence. In twenty far-reaching, story-driven essays, we follow the author from his first love in sixth grade to the demise of his marriage thirty years later, experiencing the full potency, confusion, and promise of human interaction, loss, and triumph. In crisp, sparkling prose, Torke shines focused light into the cracks of human experience, causing us to laugh—and wince with recognition—at the awkwardness of growing up, the joys of love, the pangs of loss, and the death-defying adventure of life as we know it.

Kyle David Torke

Kyle Torke, the author of five books, currently teaches at Waldorf College. He publishes in every major genre, and his screenplays have won awards. When he's not writing essays, he's teaching his sons how to scan poetry and wrestle alligators.

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