Not Your Mother's Morals By Jonathan D. Fitzgerald


In Not Your Mothers Morals: How the New Sincerity is Changing Pop Culture for the Better, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald argues that todays popular music, movies, TV shows, and books are making the world a better place. For all the hand-wringing about the decline of morals and the cheapening of culture in our time, contemporary media brims with examples of fascinating and innovative art that promote positive and uplifting moral messages--without coming across as preachy. The catch? Todays moral messages can be quite different than the ones your mother taught you. Fitzgerald compares the pop culture of yesterday with that of today and finds that while both are committed to major ideals—especially God, Family, and Country—the nature of those commitments has shifted. In his witty, expressive style, Fitzgerald explains how weve arrived at the era of New Sincerity and why its good news for our future.

Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

Jonathan D. Fitzgerald’s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches and more. He is an editor at and writes a column for the popular religion website Patheos.

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