Mercy & Eagleflight By Michael Phillips


On the Kansas plains, a young evangelist and a drifting cowboy help each other find God's love.

Young inexperienced Mercy Randolph suddenly finds herself alone and penniless in a small Kansas town in the 1890s. As she tries to preach to the uninterested townspeople, her spiritual foundations are tested by a most unusual cardplaying cowboy with an even more unusual name—Jerimiah Eagleflight.

Challenged by their dialogue, Mercy must explore deep within herself to discover her true convictions, while Jerimiah deals with questions of belief he has never considered. Meanwhile, a vengeful troublemaker bent on murder threatens whatever happiness Mercy and Eagleflight hope to find.

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is a prolific bestselling author, with sales of his fiction, nonfiction, and devotional writings exceeding seven million copies worldwide. A leading authority on the works and message of George MacDonald and their connections to C.S. Lewis, he and his wife Judy are former bookstore owners and split their time between George MacDonald’s Scotland and their home in California.

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