How Green Was My Valley By Richard Llewellyn


The youngest son of a respectable mining family in South Wales, Huw Morgan remembers the days when his valley was green and beautiful, before mining destroyed the environment. Winner of the National Book Award in 1940 and the basis for a classic film, this book is full of vivid characters and bittersweet humor.


Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn (1906-1983) was an award-winning British novelist and the child of Welsh parents. He worked as a coal miner, a journalist, and a screenwriter for MGM studios. He served as a Captain in the Welsh Guards during World War II, and after the war covered the Nuremberg Trials as a reporter.He is best known, however, for his novels--particularly those that celebrated coal mining communities in rural Wales. The best known of these, How Green Was My Valley, was published in 1939 to international renown, and was later memorably adapted to Hollywood by Director John Ford, starring Walter Pidgeon and Maureen O'Hara.

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