Entre el trabajo y el cuidado de los nuestros By Amy Goyer


Unos 42 millones de estadounidenses cuida de un ser querido y trabaja al mismo tiempo. Esta guía de AARP ofrece recursos prácticos y sugerencias, ya sea que estés cuidando a un ser querido, estés planificando para una situación futura o te encuentres en medio de una crisis. Y de igual importancia, este libro te ayuda a ocuparte de ti mismo.


Amy Goyer

Amy Goyer is an expert in aging and families, specializing in family caregiving and multigenerational issues. She works as a consultant, speaker and writer. She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America,CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, PBS Nightly Business Report and NPR, and her clients have included AARP, Generations United, MetLife, Georgia State University and Penn State University. She began her career in this arena more than 30 years ago, first as a music therapist working with children and older adults in adult day services centers and nursing homes. She is the author of Things to Do Now You're a Grandparent and won the 2012 ALTY Best Blog Award in the Caregiving category and was a Finalist in Seniorhomes.com's Social Media Rockstar Award. But the most important role she plays, she says, is as the primary caregiver for her parents, ages 86 and 89.

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