A God to Call Father By Michael Phillips


A devotional, engaging, and thought-provoking journey of discovery into the high mountains of God’s Fatherhood, by best-selling author and George MacDonald biographer Michael Phillips.

If you long for a closeness to God that somehow has eluded you, perhaps it has something to do with how you think about him.

"Daddy! Abba!"

How many times have we all wanted to cry out those words to God, to run into the arms of the Father where we would feel safe and secure, to be able to know him and know that he understands us completely.

Would you like to know God in that way? In this book you are about to embark on a unique journey that will lead you into the arms of God the Father.

Not often does a book come along that truly makes a difference in the way people think and act. This is such a book. What we have come to expect from Michael Phillips is a great novel with deep spiritual insight. This is not a novel, but following the tradition of George MacDonald and Hannah Hurnard, Phillips uses his storytelling craft to weave through the book a beautiful allegory that parallels our spiritual journey to discover the intimacy and presence of God.

A God to Call Father explores an often-overlooked aspect of our spiritual life. It suggests that we are plagued by a misunderstanding of the character of God the Father—who he truly is and what he is really like.

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is a prolific bestselling author, with sales of his fiction, nonfiction, and devotional writings exceeding seven million copies worldwide. A leading authority on the works and message of George MacDonald and their connections to C.S. Lewis, he and his wife Judy are former bookstore owners and split their time between George MacDonald’s Scotland and their home in California.

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