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Robert Graves (1895-1985) was an English novelist, poet, and translator of Classical Greek and Roman literature, and one of the most prominent English writers of the 20th century. He was an extremely prolific writer, who published more than 140 novels and collections of poetry. In addition to novels and poetry, he published groundbreaking analysis of Greek mythology, as well as memoir. Graves is best known for his historical novels, which include I, Claudius, Claudius, the God, The Golden Fleece, King Jesus,and Count Belisarius.

Robert Graves served in combat in World War I and was gravely wounded at the Battle of the Somme. Following his recovery, he wrote several works of war poetry as well as a memoir of his time in combat, entitled Goodbye to All That. In 1934, Robert Graves was awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his historical novels dealing with the Roman Emperor Claudius.

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Selected Works of Robert Graves

The Selected Works of Robert Graves introduces readers to a selection of four noteworthy literary works by renowned novelist, poet and translator, Robert Graves. This four-novel collection highlights his work in the historical fiction genre—which offers timeless insight into the human condition, as well as a unique window into history as envisioned by a master writer.
I, Claudius tells the tale of a rather bookish young man with a limp and a stammer, a man who spent most of his time trying to stay away from the danger and risk of the line of ascension—only to find himself next in line for the throne. They Hanged my Saintly Billy sets out the details of the real, 1856 trial of William Palmer, a self-confessed forger, thief, and petty criminal. Though he is accused of allegedly poisoning his friends and family, Robert Graves presents Palmer’s side of the story, deeply flawed but ultimately not beyond redemption. In The Islands of Unwisdom, Spanish Adventurer Alvaro de Mendana y Neyna and his wife, the beautiful and dangerous Ysabel, lead a crew of adventurers beyond the horizon in search of the Solomon islands—and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Wife to Mr. Milton is Robert Graves’ fictionalization of a real, troubled marriage, told from the point of view of the witty, sensual Marie Powell—who is ill matched to the cruel and domineering John Milton.

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Ann at Highwood Hall


Boisterous, witty, and enchanting, this collection of children’s poems by Robert Graves—with iconic drawings by Edward Ardizzone—will delight any young reader. This 50th-anniversary edition is a digital reproduction of the 1964 original that was published in the United States and Great Britain.

Seven poems evoke the world of Victorian England and include the story of Ann, "the third-but-youngest child of seventeen" who runs away to live at a duke’s palace; a valentine in verse; a battle of words lost in translation between King George II and the Chinese Emperor; a bedside visit to a little girl from her doctor; and a lively argument between young Caroline and Charles that sounds a lot like 21st century banter between children.

Ann at Highwood Hall will thrill scholars of Robert Graves, collectors of classic children’s book illustrators, historians… and poetry lovers of all ages.

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Hebrew Myths


This is a comprehensive look at the stories that make up the Old Testament and the Jewish religion, including the folk tales, apocryphal texts, midrashes, and other little-known documents that the Old Testament and the Torah do not include. In this exhaustive study, Robert graves provides a fascinating account of pre-Biblical texts that have been censored, suppressed, and hidden for centuries, and which now emerge to give us a clearer view of Hebrew myth and religion than ever.

Venerable classicist and historian Robert Graves recounts the ancient Hebrew stories, both obscure and familiar, with a rich sense of storytelling, culture, and spirituality. This book is sure to be riveting to students of Jewish or Judeo-Christian history, culture, and religion.

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