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Ridley Pearson is a New York Times bestselling author with over 24 novels published. His work is extremely diverse, from children’s fiction to crime novels, paranormal and adventure; his novels often incorporate a compelling combination of realistic high-tech forensic wizardry and hair-trigger suspense. One of his best-known crime novels, Undercurrents, contained cutting-edge forensic ideas that helped solve a real-life homicide case. Another, Chain of Evidence, was the first to raise the possibility of a "crime gene"—which later became the focus of a high-profile genetics conference. He has published several popular crime series featuring recurring characters, as well as standalone novels under his own name and the pseudonyms Joyce Reardon, Ph.D. and Wendell McCall.
Pearson was the first American to receive the Raymond Chandler Fulbright fellowship at Oxford University, the site of his research for best-selling novels No Witnesses and The Angel Maker. He was also a founding member and bass player for the Rock Bottom Remainders, a band comprised of best-selling authors including Dave Barry and Stephen King.

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Blood of the Albatross

It starts out so simply for Jay Becker, an overworked, underpaid musician trying to earn some extra cash by giving sailing lessons on Puget Sound. He gets drawn into a whirlwind of events and characters that will change his life—and perhaps the future of his country—forever. It begins when he meets the exotic, mysterious Marlene, a beauty who wants to hire Jay for what appears to be a simple sailing expedition. Once involved, he becomes the link in a deadly chain of events. Blood of the Albatross is a supercharged novel of espionage and romance that puts one young, innocent man in the middle of a kaleidoscope of spy, counterspy; cross, double-cross—with the lives of himself, the woman he loves, and his best friend hanging in the balance. Like the best of Ludlum and Follett, Ridley Pearson will keep you fiercely turning pages.
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Ridley Pearson Suspense Novels

Serial killers, military secrets, international spy rings; these three thrillers from bestselling author Ridley Pearson have it all.
Probable Cause: James Dewitt is the only detective on the Carmel, California police force. His usual caseload is stolen bicycles and an occasional burglary. But things change with frightening speed when a series of apparent suicides, which soon prove to be murders, shocks the community.
Blood of the Albatross: Jay Becker is a musician trying to earn extra cash by giving sailing lessons on Puget Sound. When the mysterious Marlene hires Jay for a sailing expedition, he becomes a link in a deadly chain of events—manipulated by an international network of spies that will stop at nothing to get at the sensitive military secrets they want.
Never Look Back: Agent Andy Clayton has been kept inactive for eighteen months, kept under tight surveillance at his home in Washington D.C. But now he is needed: Leonid Borikowski, the foreign agent who killed Andy’s twin brother has been seen entering the U.S.—and Clayton is the only man who can stop him.

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Aim for the Heart

Chris Klick, amateur missing-persons bloodhound, ex-musician, and sometimes-sleuth, would really like a day off. But after a small plane plummets into a gas station in rural Idaho, Klick knows that’s impossible. Instead, he must team up with his buddy Lyel to track down a missing county courthouse employee connected to the plane crash and other freak accidents. Was she kidnapped? Is she on the run from her creditors? Searching for answers and finding only trouble, Klick’s questions pile on and the stakes climb higher.

Originally published under the name Wendell McCall from 1988 through 1999, author Ridley Pearson’s Aim for the Heart, the second installment in the three-book Chris Klick Mysteries series, retains all of its hard-boiled wit, grit, and sense of adventure today.

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