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Michael Phillips is a prolific bestselling author, with sales of his fiction, nonfiction, and devotional writings exceeding seven million copies worldwide. A leading authority on the works and message of George MacDonald and their connections to C.S. Lewis, he and his wife Judy are former bookstore owners and split their time between George MacDonald’s Scotland and their home in California.

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Knowing the Heart of God

Following the enormous response to his updated editions of George MacDonald’s novels in the 1980s, Michael Phillips felt the need to introduce MacDonald’s fiction readers also to the Scotsman’s poetry and theological perspectives. At the time none of MacDonald’s non-fiction writings or poetry was available. Phillips therefore compiled two anthologies of selections, topically arranged, from those writings. Almost thirty years later, the two volumes—Discovering the Character of God and Knowing the Heart of God—remain classics in the MacDonald bibliography that have helped multiple thousands probe their understanding of God more deeply. These two clearly organized and understandable illuminations of MacDonald’s wisdom distill the essence of MacDonald’s thought in manageable topical groupings suitable for devotional reading or more extensive study. Each chapter also draws upon selections from the novels and poetry to illuminate MacDonald’s vision of the infinitely loving and forgiving Fatherhood of God.
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Depths of Destiny


The place: A European center of power in the emerging New World Order.

The event: An international conference plotting the strategy for evangelism in the post-Cold War era.

Jackson Maxwell, Christian journalist, travels to Berlin intent upon capturing the spirit of this historic gathering. But behind the scenes, a much more crucial chain of events is about to take shape.

As high-tech churchmen plan a big-money conversation of the East, Jackson is suddenly faced with the life-or-death struggle of one solitary Christian. He is Andrassy Galanov, a former KGB spy, whom aspiring leaders of the New Order want dead as soon as possible.

When Jackson and leading evangelist Jacob Michaels make the decision to help, they are plunged into a hidden world of political intrigue…phony coups d’état…plans for a one-world currency…and a sinister religious vision for the globe.
In their race against time, Jackson and Jacob also run headlong into their most surprising find—the rethinking of the very nature of Christian conversion itself.

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Universal Reconciliation

As an unofficial spokesman and representative of George MacDonald in the minds of thousands who have discovered Phillips’s editions of MacDonald’s writings since the 1980s, Michael Phillips has been sought out by men and women from around the world to shed light on the complex conundrum presented by the doctrine of eternal punishment. Seeking to address these inquiries in the least controversial way possible, in 1998 Phillips prepared a private compendium of quotes from writers through history, laying out scriptural evidence on both sides of the controversy. His motive was not to argue for or against any perspective, neither to persuade to a particular point of view, but to give information that would help each individual objectively investigate the matter quietly and personally. Though not made public at the time, Phillips’s booklet proved helpful to many. It is now made more widely available in this new edition. His subtitle aptly summarizes the book’s contents: "A selection of quotations by some Christian individuals of repute who have held to the doctrine of universal reconciliation and a list of scriptures upon which their beliefs are based."
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