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Michael Phillips is a prolific bestselling author, with sales of his fiction, nonfiction, and devotional writings exceeding seven million copies worldwide. A leading authority on the works and message of George MacDonald and their connections to C.S. Lewis, he and his wife Judy are former bookstore owners and split their time between George MacDonald’s Scotland and their home in California.

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The Beyond Trilogy

This series by famed author, Michael Phillips challenges the reader to set aside preconceived notions of death, heaven and hell, and enter into regions beyond the human imagination, worlds filled with surprise and discovery, fresh hope and infinite love in a riveting tale of eternity -- one that will inspire you to re-discover the significance of your life here and now.
The Garden at the Edge of Beyond: A man lies down for a normal night of sleep and inexplicably awakens to find himself in a surreal garden bursting with fantastic aromas and colors. A succession of "tour guides" come and go, helping him to interpret the landscape's fragrant messages, each one a clue on the journey to discover his true Self, and, ultimately, the Creator of the Country Beyond.
Heaven and Beyond: The victim of a terrorist attack on Easter Sunday travels in realms of heaven and earth, finding his notions of both to be turned upside down.
Hell and Beyond: A prominent atheist dies unexpectedly and goes to hell. Or so it appears, but nothing is what it seems in this engrossing allegorical novel about the afterlife.

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Getting More Done in Less Time & Having More Fun Doing It!

This is an immensely practical book about successfully coping with your busy schedule… and then moving beyond coping to successful goal reaching!

This book is geared to busy homemakers, harried students, overworked pastors, and pressured businesspeople, whatever their temperaments or personalitites.

Part One gives you the three keys of discipline, efficiency, and decisiveness, the bases for coping with daily duties.

Part Two tells you how to supervise other people—your children, the members of your church group, or your employees. The basic principles are the same for all.

Part Three gives principles for problem-solving. Sample worksheets help you to see what needs doing and how to do it.

Questions throughout the book help the reader to apply the principles to daily life.

Here’s how to get done what you have to get done so you have time to do what you really want to do!

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Dream of Freedom

In the antebellum South, Richmond and Carolyn Davidson live lives of ease as wealthy plantation owners. But even though their wealth and livelihood depends on slave ownership, their Christian consciences speak against the practice.

When the Davidsons decide to follow their own moral judgment and God’s will by freeing their slaves, they face consequences they never could have anticipated. Risking their lives as an important link in the Underground Railroad helping runaway slaves escape to the Northern states, the Davidsons must rely on their wits—and God’s protection—to stay alive.

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