M.C. Beaton

M. C. Beaton

M. C. Beaton is the pen name of bestselling novelist Marion Chesney. She is a prolific writer of historical romances and small village mysteries. Born in Scotland, the author began her writing career as a fiction buyer for a Glasgow bookstore and has worked as a theater critic, newspaper reporter, and editor. The author has written under various names, most notably as M. C. Beaton for her Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin series. She also has written under the names Sarah Chester, Helen Crampton, Ann Fairfax, Marion Gibbons, Jennie Tremaine, and Charlotte Ward. The author lived in the United States, but now splits her time between the Cotswolds, England and Paris, France.

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The Westerby Inheritance

Lady Jane Lovelace has conceived the idea of approaching the most notorious man about town, Lord Charles Welbourne, with a most unique proposition. But when he counters her offer with a condition that he thinks will halt her impudence, much to the surprise of both, she accepts. A novel of passion and intrigue, The Westerby Inheritance is the first volume of this new and emotionally charged romantic saga all played out against a backdrop of elegant eighteenth century society.
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The Waverly Women Bundle

Experience the passion of the Waverly Women (sisters Fanny, Frederica, and Felicity) in the three-volume Regency romance series from #1 New York Times bestselling author M.C. Beaton—including The First Rebellion, Silken Bonds, and The Love Match.

The First Rebellion (Book 1): The Earl of Tredair had had his fill of silly misses, and he despaired of finding anyone extraordinary—that is, until he met Miss Fanny Waverley. She and her two sisters had been raised to encourage poor females to stand up against the iniquities of the male sex! The beautiful and farouche Miss Fanny, however, found it hard to think of all men as cruel and lustful beasts—how could she, when now she found herself longing to kiss one of the most hated of his breed!

Silken Bonds (Book 2): Frederica chafed at her restricted life as Mrs. Waverly’s adopted daughter, though she did agree with Mrs. Waverly’s philosophy. She knew that until men stopped preferring lisping dimwits over intellectual equals, Frederica would be better off without them. Still, the recent elopement of her sister sparked a fire in Frederica’s well-educated head. So it was that she was ripe for Lord Harry Danger’s charms, and he in turn was smitten from the moment he rescued her from a pack of drunken thugs. Now if he would only treat her as his equal—and stop his incessant flirting!

The Love Match (Book 3): By day Felicity championed women’s rights, but by night she dreamed of romance. She was the secret author of a scandalous new novel—the tale of a lady "rake" and her passionate exploits. Yet one titled gentleman grew more and more intrigued with this headstrong young woman, and Felicity would soon learn that real life could be infinitely more interesting (and stranger) than fiction.

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Animating Maria

Amy and Effy Tribble can’t believe their luck. After four seasons spent molding intractable, wayward, or just plain frumpy young women into marriage material, their fifth Season in the chaperone business brings them a dream client. Maria Kendall, is beautiful, impeccably mannered, effortlessly graceful, and extremely well—dowered. She is a perfect candidate for marriage, even if none of her real suitors—especially the proud and aristocratic Duke of Berham—quite live up to her dreams. But when the Duke meets Maria’s vulgar and boorish parents his proposal is quickly withdrawn. Amy and Effy soon realize that they face their greatest challenge yet—taking on not only Maria, but the hopelessly common Kendalls as well.
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