Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland

Dr. Katherine Ramsland teaches forensic psychology and criminal justice at Pennsylvania’s DeSales University. She is unique in that she has extensive experience in both writing and researching about crime and the vampire subculture. Dr. Ramsland holds graduate degrees in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, philosophy, and criminal justice. She has written over 1,000 and thirty-eight books on forensics, serial killers, mass murderers, and the popular vampire culture.

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The Sex Beast


The father lay in the ditch, hands bound in front of him, face savagely bludgeoned. A gruesome sight, but even veteran cops were not prepared for what they saw when they lifted him up: the body of an infant, dressed in a red-and-white pinafore. The baby had been tossed into the ditch alive. She had suffocated when her father's body was pushed on top of her.

The man's wife and another daughter were missing for two years. After they were found nearly a hundred miles away, it was clear that the killer's motive was sexual. The father and the baby were quickly discarded. The real prize had been the wife. Her body bore a silk stocking knotted around the neck in an odd-looking harness and her knees were bruised. Police believed she had been ordered to perform a sexual act and had refused, so her killer used a collar to make her do what he wanted. She appeared to have been bludgeoned and hanged, and her little daughter had been beaten to death.

This area had been linked to an earlier murder with one suspect, but he had passed a polygraph exam. He was intelligent, educated, mild-mannered, and self-assured.

As this case grew more complicated, with more murders linked to a single predator, the emerging motive baffled even the most experienced detectives.

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The family was seemingly perfect. A loving husband and wife, devoted to each other and to their children. Three young boys, aged twelve, six, and fourteen months. The family was strongly religious and close-knit. And, at the start of our story, they were planning a big barbecue to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Within twelve hours, the young boys would be dead at the hands of their own mother—and the town would be rocked by the greatest tragedy in its history. This book details both the murders and the mother’s trial, at which she claimed that God had commanded her to sacrifice her sons as he had to Abraham in the Old Testament—communicating through a series of signs she saw throughout the day.

Why would a mother kill the children she is bound by love and biology to protect? And can a person who kills because she truly believes God demanded it be found guilty of murder? This trial created a dramatic legal controversy—that still resonates in the present day.

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The Vampire Trap


(A 65-page True Crime Short with photographs) A young woman and her nineteen-month-old daughter are last seen alive at a child’s clothing store. A troubled young man’s obsession with the currently popular vampire culture’s larger-than-life charisma becomes the center of a police investigation. The current fascination with vampires makes some people identify with these supernatural figures who dominate their world, taking whatever they want for themselves. It is here that the killer’s story opens a window on the fringe of this subculture, where people act out the more violent aspects of the vampire.

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