Edith B. Holden

Born in 1871 in Warwickshire, Edith B. Holden was an English naturalist, painter, teacher, and writer who studied under Joseph Denovan Adam in Scotland. In her time, she was a well-known illustrator of poetry and children's books; her artwork appeared in works including Beasts and Fishes, Woodland Whisperings, Mrs. Strang's Annual for Children, Animals Around Us, and The Three Goats Gruff. Her work was also exhibited at the Royal Birmingham Society of the Arts.

Edith was also an activist for conservation and animal welfare. She illustrated The Animal's Friend, the magazine published by the National Council of Animal Welfare, and created postcards for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Edith married sculptor Ernest Smith at the age of 39. The couple, who remained childless, moved to London shortly after their marriage-where Edith continued her artistic career until her death in 1920.

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The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Throughout her career as a painter and writer, Edith Holden published numerous illustrations in volumes of poetry, magazines, children's books, and more. However, she is best known for a work she never planned to publish: her Nature Notes for 1906, later titled The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

For several years, Edith worked as an art teacher in a school in Warwickshire. Nature Notes was intended as a teaching aid to demonstrate nature journaling to her students. In the course of narrating a single year in her beloved Warwickshire, Edith included hundreds of carefully-observed illustrations of the natural world around her-including birds, animals, flowers, plants, local agricultural practices, and more.

Edith's love of the natural world is evident in every page of this beautifully illustrated journal-breathing life into a long-vanished era of English agricultural history.

The original print edition sold millions of copies worldwide. The beloved art images have been successfully licensed for decades.

Particularly in tablet format, this spectacular eBook edition, complete with hundreds of explanatory pop up pieces of information, gives the reader the full enjoyment of the original document plus background information that no print edition could convey.

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