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Once an all-star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Dave Dravecky lost the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm to cancer in 1988. Defying all the odds, he came back to pitch again a year later. Just five days after a stunning performance, securing a 4-3 win for his team, Dravecky sustained two successive and devastating injuries to his arm that ended his pitching career for good.

In subsequent years, Dravecky would lose his entire arm, his left shoulder blade, and the left side of his collarbone to cancer. But whenever God closes a door, he opens a window—and the window He opened for Dave led to a career as a best-selling author. Dravecky’s award-winning first book, Comeback, sold over 650,000 copies.

An in-demand speaker, Dave is known for delivering messages of hope and inspiration—to both Christian and secular audiences. Along with his wife, Jan, Dravecky is also the founder of Dave Dravecky’s Outreach of Hope, a nonprofit organization and ministry dedicated to helping cancer survivors.

When her husband’s cancer returned after a dramatic comeback with the New York Giants, Jan Dravecky spiraled into a deep depression—one —that refused to lift. As her mental condition darkened, Jan faced misunderstandings from well-intentioned friends and family —who admonished her to "snap out of it" or "pray through it."

Jan’s journey back to happiness provides a powerful source of encouragement and faith to readers of every background. Today, Jan is co-author of the well-regarded Christian titles Do Not Lose Heart and Stand By Me. She is also the co-founder of the nonprofit organization and ministry Outreach of Hope, dedicated to helping survivors of cancer.

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Glimpses of Heaven

This small book contains a powerful gifta series of inspirational quotes from Dave and Jan Dravecky on the subject of suffering. Between these pages, the Draveckys share their thoughts on illness, grief, loss, and other adversitiesthrough which God offers glimpses of a more enlightened spiritual understanding. In this book, the Draveckys offer hope and assurance based on scripture, the wisdom of their mentors, and their own deep personal experience with adversity. Glimpses of Heaven is sure to offer comfort to anyone struggling with sorrow, pain, and loss.
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The Worth of a Man

In Western culture, a man's worth so often hinges on his performance, career, and success. For best-selling author Dave Dravecky, worth was once defined by his career as an all-star pitcher in the Major Leagues—until he lost his arm to cancer. In this inspirational book, Dravecky speaks from a place of first-hand, personal experience with loss and setbacks. Examining the traditional benchmarks men so often define themselves by, including jobs, successes, setbacks, friendships, and families, Dravecky navigates a new path to self-worth based on Christian teaching faith—and compelling personal experience.
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In one of the most memorable moments of Major League Baseball, Dave Dravecky pitched a winning gameless than a year after undergoing cancer surgery on his pitching arm. But his comeback was short-lived. Just five days after his winning game, Dravecky broke his armand would later lose it entirely as the cancer returned. Daves true comeback would come lateras a bestselling author and inspirational speaker offering strength, hope, and comfort inspired by Christian teachings and his own experience with suffering and loss. This book recounts the thrilling details of Daves two comebacksfrom his early baseball career and brief return to the pitching mound to his ultimate triumph over adversity through unflagging determination and deep Christian faith.
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