Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

One of the most influential science fiction writers of the 20th and 21st century, Arthur C. Clarke is the author of over 100 novels, novellas, and short story collections that laid the groundwork for the science fiction genre. Combining scientific knowledge and visionary literary aptitude, Clarke's work explored the implications of major scientific discoveries in astonishingly inventive and mystical settings.

Clarke's short stories and novels have won numerous Hugo and Nebula Awards, have been translated into more than 30 languages, and have sold millions of copies worldwide. Several of his books, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and2010: Odyssey II, have been adapted into films that still stand as classic examples of the genre. Without a doubt, Arthur C. Clarke's is one of the most important voices in contemporary science fiction literature.

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Death and the Senator


Martin Steelman is a senior United States Senator. From the get go, he has been aiming for power and the Presidency. In pursuit of his goal he has sacrificed friendship, family, marriage, and more. Now he is faced with a terminal medical condition--a cardiac condition--that is incurable and from which he will die.

With nowhere to go, Steelman must face his fate and the end of ambition that follows. He determines to attempt reconciliation with his divorced wife, his estranged daughter, and his grandchildren--the only real family he has ever known. Then the unexpected occurs and Steelman finds there may indeed be a cure, one that can only be administered in the weightless environment of the Russian space station--a treatment that is offered to Steelman through the State Department and the Russian Government.

The moral quandary is that decades earlier, Steelman had been instrumental in killing off a similar orbital space program for the United States, calling it an egregious waste of public funds. Now Steelman comes to understand that if he accepts the treatment he will forever be known as a hypocrite. More, should Steelman take the treatment, he may be displacing others who are more worthy of the new treatment. So it is that Steelman finds himself at the moral crossroads of his life.

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The Ghost from the Grand Banks


Two years before the centennial anniversary of the Titanic's demise, two powerful corporations are competing to raise the two halves of the famous ship. But what they find deep beneath the ocean's surface is more than they bargained for: six perfectly preserved bodies, including one of a beautiful woman who was not listed among the ship's original passengers. Who was she-and what was her secret? The mission to find out becomes all-consuming-and, for some, deadly.

This fast-paced tale combines a centuries-old mystery with thoroughly modern suspense-and Clarke's unmatched vision of future technologies.

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The Hammer of God


A century into the future, technology has solved most of the problems that have plagued our time. However, a new problem is on the horizon-one greater than humanity has ever faced. A massive asteroid is racing toward the earth, and its impact could destroy all life on the planet.

Immediately after the asteroid-named "Kali" after the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction-is discovered, the world's greatest scientists begin their search for a way to prevent disaster. In the meantime, Captain Robert Singh, aboard the starship Goliath, may be the only person who can stop the asteroid. But this heroic role may demand the ultimate sacrifice.

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