The RosettaBooks Advantage

We are pioneers in the marriage of brand and eBook publishing. We are a “pro-author” digital publisher. RosettaBooks consults with authors during the planning and execution of their eBooks. We pay the highest royalty rate with the narrowest electronic rights definition and the shortest license term and we are the leading independent eBook publisher.



  • Higher Royalty Rates
  • Proven Piracy Protection
  • Pro-author Licenses
  • The leading quality production and distribution system in eBooks
  • Leadership in eBook site merchandising, with hundreds of annual offers
  • State of the art Web site and social media campaigns
  • Public relations capabilities are second to none
  • International connection in a world where eBook growth outside of the United States is rapidly increasing at a faster rate



We are open to your ideas. The more background you can share with us, the better we can respond.
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