eBook Publishing Success Stories | RosettaBooks
“At Harvard Health Publications, we opted to work with the consummate professionals at RosettaBooks to forge new avenues to improve people’s health.” 
Julie Silver, MD. Chief Editor of Books, Harvard Health Publications
“When Sir Arthur died in 2008, it was my dream to construct the ultimate memorial: making all of his works available in eBook form in the North American market. It took four years to clear the rights, at which I point took the project to Arthur Klebanoff at Rosetta. I knew that Klebanoff had built Rosetta around the criteria that I sought: promoting an author’s body of work as an integrated whole; working with eBook retailers to maximize exposure; and making fair deals with copyright holders that take advantage of the cost savings of the eBook format.”
Russell Galen, agent for the Arthur C. Clarke Estate
“Our digital strategy with RosettaBooks has helped to grow the entire 7 Habits brand.” 
Annie Oswald, Media Products Director, Franklin Covey
“As a confirmed Luddite, Kurt Vonnegut belittled any tech inventions. Kurt finally reluctantly admitted that the computer I got him was helpful for his limited usage of editing. If here today he would also reluctantly acknowledge that Ebooks have been great in expanding his readership. But it certainly doesn’t mean that Kurt would be using a cell phone.”
Donald Farber, Trustee of the Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Copyight Trust
“I am so excited that all of my romance novels are available electronically. I am pleased to see these titles so effectively being published for my fans in this technological era.”
M. C. Beaton / Marion Chesney
“The beneficiaries of the Shirer Estate are dazzled by the recent payments.”
Noel Rae, Executor of the Literary Estate of William L. Shirer
“Ebook editions have expanded the readership for the entire list of my books.”
Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.
“Like a booster rocket, Rosetta has relaunched BALL FOUR back into the stratosphere.”
Jim Bouton
“After more than 25 years in the business, publishing eight books and over 100 major articles in national magazines, I was unprepared for what happened when I started writing Kindle Singles for RosettaBooks. I am able to write what I want to write, publish it in an impactful way, and reach a huge audience. It’s transformed my career.”
Paul Alexander
Our partnership with RosettaBooks has made Crimescape one of most successful ebook original true crime lines.”
Marilyn and Elliott Bardsley, co-founders of Crimescape
Northstar Travel Media is the leading business-to-business provider of news, information anddata for the travel and hospitality industries. As publisher of the dominant travel media brandsand licensor of premier data, we are happy to have the opportunity to experiment with an ebookconsumer program that makes use of our deep data resources and has shown us the power ofthe emerging ebook market.”
Sheila Rice | VP Business Development & Licensing, Northstar Travel Media
“Horace Gold’s Galaxy Magazine was, in its social conscience, anger and penetration, fifty years aheadofits time in the 1950’s…and it is fifty years ahead today. Horace and his writers anticipated electronic awareness and distribution (Fred Pohl’s The Knights of Arthur and Heinlein’s Year of the Jackpot could have happened on Kindle in the 1950’s). This is a new format for the inevitability Galaxy gave us.”
Barry N. Malzberg, Editor, The Galaxy Project