Living With Wealth Without Losing Your Soul By Steve Perry

Once upon a time, a faithful, God-fearing boy fell in love with the girl of his dreams...

As a young man, Pastor Steve Perry passionately followed an anti-wealth philosophy as he moved toward a Christian life. He held the not-uncommon belief that poverty was more virtuous than prosperity and poor people were closer to God.

But God had a different plan. When Perry found himself in love — and the girl of his dreams turned out to have a wealthy family — the accompanying internal struggle forced him to reconcile his beliefs with his reality. Of course, he turned to God for a deeper understanding of how to integrate wealth and faith.

For many Christians, wealth is accompanied by a certain measure of guilt. In Living With Wealth Without Losing Your Soul, Perry shows that justly earned wealth is as much a gift from God as any of His other gifts — and, far from being the root of all evil, money simply magnifies who a person really is. With exegesis, practical life examples, and his trademark humor, Perry suggests that wealthy Christians need not be stealthy Christians, but instead can steward their wealth in order to magnify their Christian lives and, in the end, come closer to God.

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About the Author

Steven L. Perry graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 1975 with a B.A. in Religion, and later earned a Masters of Divinity from Wartburg Theological Seminary in 1979. He served as Associate Pastor of Grace Lutheran (’79–’84, Huntington Beach, CA) and Senior Pastor of Mission Lutheran Church (’84–’96, Laguna Niguel, CA).
In 1996, Perry co-founded the Foundation for Christian Stewardship (now the National Christian Foundation California) and in 2003 he founded the Sacred Harvest Foundation with his wife, Susie. Currently, Perry serves on the boards of Azusa Pacific University, National Christian Foundation California, and Mission Increase Foundation.

Steve met his wife, Susie, at Azusa Pacific University, and they were married on December 27, 1975. They have two married children, Jennifer and Matthew, and two grandchildren.