I Hated to Do It Stories of a Life Donald C. Farber

For over 40 years, Donald C. Farber was Kurt Vonnegut's attorney, literary agent, and close friend. In this deeply felt memoir, Farber offers a rare portrait of Vonnegut that is both candid and entertaining. A renowned entertainment lawyer with a largely famous clientele and a highly acclaimed author in his own right, Farber provides colorful anecdotes that detail the daily realities of working with Vonnegut from the perspective of the person who knew him best. The millions of fans around the world who mourned Vonnegut's passing will treasure this new and intimate portrait of him, not just as an acclaimed author, but also as a witty, eclectic, and brave personality that contributed greatly to our culture.

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About the Author

Donald C. Farber is an entertainment lawyer, literary agent, and the author of seven books about topics including the history of theatre, theatre production, business, and legal issues for actors and artists, which were all well received by readers and critics alike. He served as Kurt Vonnegut's literary agent for over four decades, and became the author's close friend. Farber is also the sole trustee of the Vonnegut Copyright Trust.