FAQs : Why Publish With RosettaBooks®


What are your royalty rates?

Higher Royalty Rates
Pro-Author Publishing Means Greater Royalty Revenues!

RosettaBooks offers substantially higher rates than the six largest U.S publishers who offer only 25% of net receipts.

Backlist eBooks= EBook versions of hardover and paperback editions originally published by traditional houses
50% of receipts to 2,500 copies
60% of receipts thereafter.

Original content– eBooks originated by RosettaBooks

70% of receipts

Note: RosettaBooks sets digital list price, online retailers pay RosettaBooks a percentage of that list price, and RosettaBooks pays clients the above percentages of those receipts

How do your royalty rates compare to large publishers?

Comparison of Royaty Rates

Random House, Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and Macmillan publish 95% of bestsellers but insist upon bundling frontlist ebook rights with print rights. That locks authors into royalties of 25% of net receipts.

RosettaBooks Big Six
Frontlist 70% of Receipts 25% of Net Receipts*
50% of Receipts to $2,500
60% of Receipts Thereafter
25% of Net Receipts

*Net receipts = digital list price * 70%

RosettaBooks is working with rightholders to unbundle those rights so that they can receive 70% on frontlist and up to 60% on backlist.

How big is RosettaBooks?

Comparison of Royalties Paid
In 2013, RosettaBooks will pay out more eBook royalties than a $75,000,000 revenue tradional publisher!


Approximately 20% of revenue for a traditional publisher is sourced in an eBook and the standard royalty is 25% of net receipts. So $75,000,000 of revenue = $15,000,000 of eBook revenue (20%) x 25% royalty = $ 3,750,000 of royalty pay out.

In 2013, RosettaBooks projects a royalty payout over $4,000,000

What do you mean by a “pro Author license?”

Pro-Author Licenses
Pro-Author publishing makes for a more satisfied client.

As the leading eBook Publisher, RosettaBooks licenses only what it can successfully sell.

  • Shorter term of license = 5 Years only, not life of copyright, for greater
    flexibility in managing rights portfolios.
  • Narrower definition of digital rights = eBooks only, not enhanced eBooks,
    games or other media rich versions.
  • Meaningful Client Engagement = Coordination of market plans and approval of jackets.

RosettaBooks contract renewal rate of over 95%!

Please explain your commitment to the backlist

Big Six Frontlist Mindset

The big six publishers spend nearly 100% on their frontlist, when their backlist generates 40% of revenues and nearly 100% of profits


RosettaBooks promotes backlist and original titles equally.

How fast can RosettaBooks publish?

RosettaBooks Mindset

RosettaBooks is not constrained by frontlist printing process, including catalog announcements, manufacturing, physical distribution and in-store shelving. We can time publication to events, such as Opening Day of Major League Baseball.


Time table for Jim Bouton’s critically acclaimed sports memoir, Ball Four. Some RosettaBooks have been on sale two weeks after signing contract!

Why do you create new jackets?

Backlist Print vs eBook Jacket
In the print Jacket of this backlist book, the author’s face is unrecognizable, and the publisher’s name does not appear. The other elements are illegible. s7-1 RosettaBooks simplified the design, enlarging the most important elements – the authors face, name, and title – and including the publisher’s logo. s7-2
Why does RosettaBooks participate in price promotions?

Dynamic Pricing: Kindle

RosettaBooks partakes in monthly Kindle promotions because every eBook sells at least ten times more copies during the promotion and sells in much higher quantities after each promotion than before. Here’s how it works:

Promotion Before During After
Price $9.99 Reduced by 2/3 to $2.99 $9.99
Sales Volume 1 ~10 times greater ~5 times greater
Sample Royalty Calculation 60% of 70% of $9.99 x 1 60% of 70% of $2.99* x 10 60% of 70% of $9.99 x 5
Royalties $4.20 $12.56 $20.98

*In special promotions, Amazon pays based on promotional price, not on list price.

What is the objective of RosettaBooks social media marketing?

Expertise in Marketing
eBook Publishing is not only about discoverability but also about author/institution brand-building.

The critical drivers of success are:

  • Prudent use of Social Media
  • Branded “collections” and “lines”
  • Regularly scheduled blogging
  • Tagging to connect clients’ assets with readers’ interests
  • New interactive features on RosettaBooks.com

RosettaBooks consults with clients during the planning and execution of every major campaign.

Does RosettaBooks publish out of print books?

Reviving Out-Of-Print Collections

RosettaBooks recognized the value of Marion Chesney’s out-of-print novels. Her romances and mysteries, under the pseudonym M.C. Beaton, have huge followings. RosettaBooks repackages and reissued 10 series under both names.


What is RosettaBooks commitment against digital piracy?

Proven Piracy Protection
RosettaBooks is the first to introduce full catalog anti-piracy protection!

RosettaBooks uses the industry leader, Attributor Guardian, with 99% effectiveness in discovering, validating and managing
takedown of pirated content.

  • As many as 500 cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks, and other sites host illegal copies of major backlist titles.
  • Tens of millions of files are illegally downloaded each year.
  • Many print publishers either fail to protect backlist titles (especially those not released yet as eBooks) or rely upon
  • ineffectual techniques.
  • RosettaBooks actively pursues digital pirates – protecting all its titles with over 500 “takedowns” of illegal editions monthly.
Profits from Policing Piracy

RosettaBooks is converting 15% of illegal downloads into sales.


What are some RosettaBooks “firsts”

RosettaBooks was the first to
  • Sell free eBooks with a device (The Graduate with the Palm)
  • Offer Adobe time-limited eBooks (Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None)
  • Offer Microsoft eReader free upgrade (Peter Georgia’s Red Alert, aka Dr. Strangelove)
  • Offer library subscription of unlimited downloads for limited time
  • Tie in eBooks with audio book (Micael York’s recording of 1984)
  • Experiment with Facebook advertising tying books to film
  • Offer full catalog protection against digital piracy
  • Join Kindle’s Lending Library
  • Trade exclusivity for major merchandising
  • Launch simultaneous worldwide English-language promotions