Need a romantic restaurant for a special occasion? Seeking a unique shop for that perfect souvenir? Wish you knew the truth about your hotel choices? You’re in luck.
Welcome to DestinationTM St. Thomas. This collection of destination information is usually only available to travel professionals, who rely on it to plan travel for their most discerning clients. Now we’re pleased to offer these guides to you, on-the-go Kindle users, who want expert-level travel content. Our information is current, easy to use, and unbiased. No one–no shop, restaurant, hotel, site, or museum–can influence what we say about it, its competitors, or its market. We decide what to include and exclude and recommend–or not–without any outside influence.
Each book’s entire contents were hand-picked by passionate travel industry insiders.
In every guide you’ll find:

recommendations for a wide range of sightseeing options
gems of restaurants, with a special focus on local cuisine
specialty shops for local crafts, food and gifts
3, 4 and 5 star hotel reviews that tell you the whole story, as if you were speaking with a concierge

…and much, much more.

Author Description

Put yourself in our hands. Our team of travel writers is your local connection, no matter what destination. These editors live in the areas they write about, so they can deliver in-depth information and tips from a native's perspective. They seek out the very best sites, restaurants, and activities to give you an unforgettable trip.

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