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From classic book to classic film, RosettaBooks has gathered some of the most memorable Books Into Film available. The selection is broad ranging and far reaching, ranging from classic genre to cult classic, science fiction, horror and adventure, to Academy-Award winning. They include Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella, the basis for the classic fan-favorite sports film Field of Dreams; A Passage to India by E.M. Forster, basis of the Academy-Award winning film of the same name; and Red Alert by Peter Bryant, the basis for the Stanley Kubrick Academy-Award winning film Dr. Strangelove; among many others.

A Passage to India A Passage to India
A Passage to India
E. M. Forster
A Passage to India

Director: David Lean
Year: 1984
Screenplay: David Lean
Academy Award Nominations: Nine

An American Tragedy A Place in the Sun
An American Tragedy
Theodore Dreiser
A Place in the Sun

Director: George Stevens
Year: 1951
Screenplay: Michael Wilson and Harry Brown
Academy Award Nominations: Nine

The Asphalt Jungle Asphalt Jungle
The Asphalt Jungle
W. R. Burnett
Asphalt Jungle

Director: John Huston
Year: 1950
Screenplay: Ben Maddow/John Huston
Academy Award Nominations: Four

Bang the Drum Slowly Bang the Drum Slowly
Bang the Drum Slowly
Mark Harris
Bang the Drum Slowly

Director: John D. Hancock
Year: 1973
Screenplay: Mark Harris
Academy Award Nominations: One

Mute Witness Bullitt
Mute Witness
Robert L. Fish

Director: Peter Yates
Year: 1968
Screenplay: Alan Trustman and Harry Kleiner
Academy Award Nominations: Two

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