Why is my child having a tantrum?

The screaming, arms flailing, tears, and the staring from strangers… Sound familiar? Welcome to parenthood!

Tantrums can be your child’s way of letting you know that you’re not meeting his or her needs. They are hungry, tired, bored, scared… it could really be anything.

Taming Your Childs Temper Tantrums by Victoria Rogers McEvoy Taming Your Child’s Temper Tantrums, a Harvard Medical School Guide, co-authors Victoria Rogers McEvoy and Karen Weintraub remind parents that many tantrums can be stopped before they start.

The first way is to always carry healthy snacks with you in case your child gets hungry. Low blood sugar equals a cranky child. And make sure your child is well-rested. Naps are a good idea! If your child is really energetic, make sure he or she gets plenty of play time – whether it’s learning activities or playing outside.

Remember, you are in charge. But if your child wants some independence, offer some limited choices. For example, instead of just saying “eat your banana,” offer them to choose between eating a banana or blueberries, or some other type of fruit you have in the house.

Overall, children love predictability, so try to be consistent with meals, naps and bedtime.

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