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9 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

It’s THE best time of the year: fall! In case we don’t all agree, here is a list of reasons why fall is the best season of them all. 1.
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9 Ideas for Carving Pumpkins

Happy October book nerds! The trees are colorful, the weather is beautiful, and Halloween is on the way. Not only do you get to eat tons of candy and
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What’s Your Next Read? Take This Quiz!

Picking your next read is never an easy process and nothing is more overwhelming than picking one book from the hundreds of books on your to-read list. We are
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8 Ways Reading Helps People Be Better

Not that we need convincing, but it’s interesting to see how reading can enhance our lives in so many different ways. In a world full of technological distractions nothing
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Fantastic Fall Reads

Alright book nerds, it’s time for some reading outside under the beautiful foliage. Seasons change, but book nerds stay the same. That being said, here are some fantastic fall
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12 Things Non-Readers Don’t Understand

This one goes out to all the non-readers out there who don’t quite understand the beauty in reading and the magic of books. Don’t worry, by the end of
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It’s almost the end of summer. Last chance to add these gripping thrillers, steamy romances, former bestsellers and popular history to your reading lists — all for $2.99 or less!
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Need Help Living A Healthy Life?

Many people believe that self-improvement books are overrated; however, we disagree! In fact, there are many self-help books that can drastically improve their readers’ way of life. Let’s face the
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What’s Your Book Genre Personality?

There are many ways that book genres can be determined and many distinctions that can be made between sub genres/ categories within genres. The book genres listed and described
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12 Habits of Highly Effective Readers

There are two types of people in this world: highly effective readers and amateur readers. Have no fear amateur readers! We are here to help! Becoming an avid and diligent