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Book Bundles, Free eBooks, New Books, & Much More

Alright book nerd, it’s your lucky day! We have lots of goodies for you including book bundles, a FREE new eBook, a new thriller, and new eBook editions (yes, we
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eBook Deals in Honor of Veterans Day

On a day dedicated to honoring our veterans, please enjoy these powerful and visceral reads for $1.99. Both Saigon Has Fallen and World War II: Unforgettable Stories and Photographs
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11 Reasons Why Reading Is Better Than Partying

For those of you who aren’t total book nerds, this may not make a whole lot of sense; however, it is true that (most) book nerds would much rather
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Pre-Order Warren Adler’s New Book Torture Man, Available Dec. 1

Acclaimed author, playwright, poet, and essayist Warren Adler is at it again! Best known for War of the Roses, his masterpiece fictionalization of a macabre divorce adapted into the BAFTA-
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10 Things That Happen While Reading Horror Books

There is nothing that will prepare you for Halloween more than the eerie and haunting atmosphere created in horror books. Horror books are meant to provoke a response in readers,
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Top 10 Book Nerd Problems

As book nerds, most of our time is spent with our noses in books and our minds in different fictional worlds (we know, we know, we’re living the dream).
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All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

Due to the fact that there are tons of awesome, legendary horror writers in the world, look at this list objectively as a guide to some incredible tales to read
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Why Everyone Should Read Ebooks

For all the fans of reading physical, printed versions of books, it’s not that the scent of a newly printed book isn’t amazing or anything, it’s just that there
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5 Qualities of Successful Book Nerds

It takes a lot of motivation and passion to be successful book nerds; in fact, some may argue that mastering the book nerd lifestyle takes years of hard work
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9 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

It’s THE best time of the year: fall! In case we don’t all agree, here is a list of reasons why fall is the best season of them all. 1.