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Which Fictional Character is Your Zodiac?

Horoscopes have been around for centuries. Star signs, and reading the stars for advice, is something that is fun and easy to get into. Anything Zodiac themed? Sign me up.
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Official 8-Volume Churchill Biography eBooks Free April 9-11

The official biography of Sir Winston Churchill took more than twenty years to compile, and is the longest written biography of any person, living or dead. Wow! Let that
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Download a FREE copy of Earthbound in the RosettaBooks App

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you abhor the very mention of the holiday, or do you adore the very second that department stores come out with
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5 Bookish Destinations

Ever read a book and been so enraptured by the author’s description of the setting that you just wanted to be there? We have! While we can’t promise you
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Thinkfood eBook FREE in RosettaBooks app!

Start 2015 off healthy with AARP and Posit Science’s Thinkfood: Recipes for Brain Fitness cookbook. Did you make any resolutions for the New Year? Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase “New
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Our Favorite Things about Winter

In light of the recent holidays and official start of winter, we asked our Facebook followers what their favorite thing about winter was. Here are our top 8 picks! Check
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10 Signs of Falling in Love with eReading

Christmas has come and gone. Your Christmas tree is probably still up; you most likely have more leftovers than you  know what to do with. Chances are you got
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A Gift for Everyone: eBooks!

It’s December 23rd…as in there are only 2 short days left until Christmas! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably added more to your own Christmas list while online shopping
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5 Things We Love Most About Reading

Why do you read? We are (obviously) in love with reading. Growing up, reading was our escape. As we got older, reading became our passion. That being said, our
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What makes reading so special? Reading has been talked about for centuries by scholars, scientists, world leaders and teachers. Some call it the backbone of our society, and we have