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8 of the best reading snacks

Snacks…we eat them while working, watching movies, driving, and reading. But which ones are the best? Our readers answered with a good variety of snackies to munch on while
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Rosettabooks CEO details eBook Publishing ‘How To’ in new book

RosettaBooks CEO Arthur Klebanoff is the author of a new book published by LexisNexis. Entertainment Industry Contracts eBook Publishing provides a comprehensive overview of the Digital Publishing Industry, along with marketing approaches
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10 Interesting Facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is known as one of the most iconic and influential political leaders of the 20th century.  He dedicated his life to preserving democracy and defending the British
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6 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Books

Does the thought of throwing away one of your books—regardless of how worn and tattered it has become—make you cringe?  It goes against our very nature as book nerds
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6 Life Lessons from War Novels

Everyone enjoys the suspense and thrill of a good war novel every once in a while. Even better is when that great book is turned into an even greater
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The life of Hollywood composer Elmer Bernstein chronicled in new memoir

Elmer Bernstein (April 4, 1922 – August 18, 2004) was a composer of musical scores that often outshone the movies for which they were written. His vast oeuvre ranges from
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8 Amazingly Edible Book Cakes

What is the ultimate way to celebrate the birthday of your favorite book nerd?  Get a cake modeled after his/her favorite book, of course!  We found eight amazingly edible
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6 Iconic Books that Impacted Your Childhood

Ask a book nerd when he/she first fell in love with reading, and the answer will almost always be childhood. Marcel Proust says it best, “There are perhaps no
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Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WWI with over 40 Winston Churchill eBook deals

This month marks the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of WWI.  To commemorate this defining moment in history, we’re honoring one of the most influential wartime heroes of WWI,
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11 Legendary Libraries Around the World

If there is one thing book nerds love even more than books, it’s the places that house them—a.k.a. libraries.  To show our library love, we’ve compiled a list of